Quick List Of How You Can Save Money

Last updated 2 Jan 2018 . 4 min read

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Money saving and budgeting are hard. In an effort to alleviate your financial woes, we have 10 tips and tricks for saving money.


  • Try to share the ride with the office with friends and try carpooling to save on the transport expense.

  • Try to avoid eating outside a lot during the week, get home cooked food to the office.

  • Check for coupons and discounts on grocery and daily use items. It saves a lot of money at the end of the month.

  • Try to switch off the lights/fans whenever you are not around, even if you are in another room. This saves both energy and money.

  • Try to buy items on sale, they are good to use and cheaper. Try flash deals for the expensive items.

  • Try to keep higher currency notes and newer ones in your wallet. Psychological survey says that consumers are less likely to spend newer bills and higher denominations. Keep 500 or 2000 rupees notes instead of 100s, the 50s, 10s etc which are easier to break.

  • When you are planning to travel, clear your browsing history, cache and cookies. Most websites know that the user is searching for a specific hotel or a flight and increase the prices.

  • Create a timeline for your shopping needs. Know when the clothes are mostly on sale. Try to shop around the festival period for home furnishing items or cars as there is a heavy discount.

  • Don’t spend much on gadgets with features that you will never use.

  • Go easy on your credit card, don’t use it unless it is an emergency. Don’t keep one for that matter because then you would just end up paying the interests and EMIs before you realize.


So next time you get excited and end up splurging on stuff you wouldn't ever use, just think and ask yourself, "Am I really going to use it?" 



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