10 Steps To Happiness by Spiritual leader Nithya Shanti

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Happiness in life Happiness in life

The SHEROES SUMMIT 2016, “WORK LIFE BANK BALANCE”  kick started in Delhi, with Nithya Shanti, an internationally respected spiritual teacher, speaker, writer and educator. He is committed to sharing practical wisdom teachings for happiness and enlightenment with people in a joyful and transformational way. The spiritual leader spoke to a packed house and shared what is best termed as ‘happiness hacks’. 

1: Think what is giving your life nourishment? It is crucial to step back and think about what is giving you joy, meaning, and nourishment in your life. This nourishment recharges our lives. Just the way we need to recharge our phone we need to recharge our own batteries too.


2: “Being” is happiness. Happiness is being “present in the moment.” True and real happiness comes from being in the moment. It is there in the oneness and being where you are right now. True value is in when you walk, you are walking. When you are working it is where you are totally there. And when you are eating you are just doing that. It is not just being physically present but slowing down and observing everything. Amazingly right people and experiences show up in our life then. 

3: Remind yourself I am not here to please others; I am here to live my truth. When you have tasted the truth you don’t want anything else. The decisions we take in our life it impacts not only us and has it on people around us. One can seek the truth, by asking the right questions. Answers our mere distillations of others. Obituaries of famous people don’t talk about how much money they have, their success stories or how famous they were. They bring out human qualities.  


4: There are 5 kind of spaces; “family, work, leisure, holiday and my”. Reclaim your “my space”. Do you renew yourself? Do you have a relationship with yourself? Every day remind yourself this might be the last day of my life. Death makes thing real. Look at what is really valuable and holds meaning in my life.


5: Show up, be present in the moment. Share your gifts. Whatever you can do, the talent or skills you have share it with others or what you are good at. Synergize – Connect with others and within.


6: Access your inner power, life will always protect you. Love is intense power. When you access this you will be able to find that in-between stimulus and response there is a gap, and there lies “wisdom”. What you think again and again comes true.


7: Someone is waiting for exactly what you have to offer. So don’t get defeated by failure. Move on ahead and say “how wonderful to all your life experiences are no matter how difficult they may seem at that moment. As at the right moment you will find that someone who is exactly waiting for what you have to offer.


8: Job = doing things with hands, career = doing things with hands head and calling = hands head heart.  So finding that is the real Work Life Bank Balance. Even though you find your calling, it does not end there. As you have to be honest with yourself and keep checking if you are being true to yourself.  


9: Everything in life is about our conversations in ‘3 marriages’: marriage to the significant other, marriage to work and marriage to self. Life will be about constant communication in all these arenas. Re - think them.


10: I choose to love what I do, until I can do what I love. This motto will give you find fulfillment and happiness just where you are right now. In this moment.

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A writer and an educator with expertise in experiential learning,capacity building, counselling & content development. A feminist, wit addict and time/life traveler. She loves trees, water bodies, vintage,cooking and arts

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