10 Courses That Will Help You Upgrade Your Skills And Reinvent Your Career

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Gearing up to get back to work after a long break, and worried about how you’ll cope with all the myriad changes that have taken place in the workspace? It’s a legitimate worry. Technology, business methods, analytics are all changing at a supersonic speed. Each day, a new idea is funded and opportunities created in the market. These opportunities are different and diverse.

The question is, how do you brush up your existing skills and acquire new ones. The answer is simple: e-learning. In a span of just three to four years, a number of online learning platforms have inundated the digital world. Now, you can be at home and learn all that you want to--at your own time and convenience. Not only this, you can also get certified from some of the best universities in the world in some rather off-beat courses and up that learning curve really fast.

Some of the top sectors are providing work-from-home opportunities. Digital content, technology, analytics are spheres where work from home can be easily found, and they pay well too. Just imagine, if you ace a programming language which you can now easily learn online, you can work from home and get paid extremely respectably.

Rajul Garg, entrepreneur and an early SHEROES.in investor, says, “There is a great shift in the corporate world. Large organisations are promoting work from home, as technology and communication have become easy, and companies are becoming more mobile.” Work from home and online learning are both growing, and this is just the right time to upgrade your skills and reinvent your career.

In the last two years, Indians have increasingly visited online learning platforms, enrolled in various courses, and upgraded their skills. We have curated for you a list of the some of the most popular courses offered by various organisations which will hone your skills and help you take charge of your career.

Upgrade courses & Education programs

Here are top courses which help to upgrade your degree:

#1. R Language: This will make startups really want you: R is a popular programming language that is used to derive insights from data. This skill can help you earn up to Rs 8 lakh per annum, according to this report in the Times Of India. You can enroll anytime for this four-month course, and it costs around Rs 9,000. Check out more details on simplilearn.com.

#2. Project Management: This course teaches you crucial skills on how to complete a project on time and within the budget. Learn some awesome hacks and work towards customer satisfaction--this is what brings in business, and the big bucks. You can enroll anytime for the course, and video lectures & assignments for free. Once successfully completed, you get certified by the University of California. Learn more about this course on Coursera.org.

#3. Digital Marketing: Everything is on the net--from home products to higher education--and it needs to reach the right audiences and communities. Digital marketing is the name of the game, and organisations are on the look-out for smart and talented social media managers. A course that teaches you how to boost your existing social media skills will add value to your resume. Digitalvidya.com has a new batch starting on 25th June. An added advantage? More followers on social media!

#4. Programming for Everybody: Python is a programing language that’s a favourite in the tech market. This course teaches the basics of programing computers, and uses the most elementary mathematics. You can enroll for this course now on edcast.org.

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#5. Project management in marketing: Learn to sell it right. This course will help you learn the key aspects of marketing, branding, market strategies  and more. You can learn more about this course from edcast.org, and apply for some great marketing jobs right here.

#6. Introduction to Public Speaking: Employers are on the lookout for candidates with good communication skills, especially those who can share thoughts and ideas with clarity. This course helps you learn effective communication and collaboration. This is a self-learning course; find out more about it on edx.org. Throw away that stage fear, read how SHEROES.in mentor Kiran Manral , an acclaimed author, always wins that challenge.

#7. HBX Courses: Harvard University offers a series of online business courses which are taught through a number of case studies, the signature teaching method practised at the Harvard Business School. One can take this course for the entire team or work on it exclusively. Some of the contents of the course are available free of cost. You can apply any time of the year.

#8. The writing class: Writing well is a skill, and one that always comes in handy. Writing is an essential part of business communication, and an important skill to hone. Whether you are writing an annual or a technical report, this is a course that will help.

#9. Introduction to Financial Accounting: Understand and decode the three most common financial statements--income sheet, balance sheet and statement of cash flow. This course will help you understand and solve financial issues at work. Find out more about this course at alison.com. You can enroll any time of the year for this course and learn the basics of finance.

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#10. Fashion Designing: There are several designing courses in many reputed institutes across India. These courses offer the much needed industrial exposure, both theoretically and practically. Fashion designing courses in India also involve exposure to other forms of designing such as textile designing, jewellery designing and footwear designing.

It is never too late to learn, and upgrading skills is crucial today when we can access resources, jobs, advice and mentorship with greater ease than ever before. Take charge and win, both at work and life.

By Anjini Bist

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