Yoga For Cholesterol

Yoga is a mental exercise, including different body postures. It helps in performing meditation and a few various activities for a healthy body. After proper clinical studies and experiments, yoga has provided with promising results to keep the cholesterol in a human body controlled. Yoga is very active on the lipid levels of a human body. Yoga helps in proper breathing and peace of mind. Adequate breathing helps the blood circulate throughout the body. Adequate blood circulation keeps a balance on the lipid profile and triglyceride level in one's body. In some cases, after performing yoga daily, triglyceride levels lowered up to 11%, whereas HDL levels increased by 12%.Yoga works in different ways to control the blood cholesterol level. It lowers blood fat. However, the workings of yoga are unknown, but there are theories related to it. The assumptions include:• Yoga is fruitful, as it helps in stress reduction. Stress reduction further lessens the risk of having heart disease or high cholesterol.• Cases give us more uses of yoga, except that of curing high cholesterol. Yoga not only controls cholesterol but is useful for losing weight. Weight loss leads to low blood fat. Yoga helps in lowering levels of cholesterol and triglyceride.Therefore, yoga is a healthy exercise and helps in curing different body issues. It works just like any other medicine but cures it thoroughly. It helps maintain cholesterol level by reducing the harmful toxins from the body. Studies show that with the help of yoga, the body gets a sufficient amount of oxygen. Yoga, in turn, helps the proper functioning of the whole body. Read on to find more on Yoga and Cholesterol connection.
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