Vermicelli Recipes

Vermicelli is a very common cooking item found in Indian kitchens. With the everyday chaos and hectic schedules, most of us are in a dilemma about what to cook for the weekdays that can be easy, tasty and healthy as well. We also need something that will take less time to cook and will effectively fulfill our daily nutritional requirement. The first name that comes up in the list is Vermicelli. It is a very versatile cooking ingredient that can easily mingle with any kind of cuisine. You can even consume it by simply tossing it in butter and having it like an everyday snack item. One of the most common recipes that come with vermicelli is vermicelli upma. It forms an integral part of South Indian breakfast and is mixed up with various vegetables and spices that can easily bring up the flavor. Vermicelli is also used for making various sweet dishes like Payasm which is very common among the South Indians and Bengali populace of West Bengal. Vermicelli can also substitute as your daily breakfast item and prepare it like curd rice. Check out our wide range of vermicelli recipes and enjoy some outstanding and flavorful cuisines.
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