Vegetarian Recipes

As the majority of India’s population practices Hinduism, vegetarian food is widespread across the country with different tastes and cultures. The dishes taste amazingly good and satisfies your sweet tooth like anything. The dishes are not just restricted to paranthas and salad, in fact these are just the commons. The best vegetarian recipes include fried rice, tomato soup, crispy baked falafel, tacos, noodles, vegetable lasagna, butterly garlic mushrooms, masala smeared – vegetables, chilli potatoes, burgers, stir-fries, grilled vegetables, stuffed paranthas, creamy layered curries, garlic breads and much more. The spices used in the vegetarian dishes indeed the true essence of the dish which adds the taste to it. For example, cardamom, cloves, peppers, chillies are turmeric gives it a distinct flavour and makes the recipe spicy. Along with the spices the pinch of vinegar and garlic makes the it unbelievebly delicious. A typical vegetarian meal comprises of rice, sautéed vegetables blended with spices, any pulse commonly called as a dal, bread (lacha paratha) and a sweet. This is what is called a deluxe thali served on a table. These dishes will relish your taste buds without scooping out the flesh of meat or chicken. Nevertheless, bar-be-ques are the all - time favourite and gives you the true feel of evening parties. Set the BBQ in the garden, grill the raw vegetables on it, sip a glass of wine and enjoy the party.
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