Tourist Places Near Kolkata

Kolkata, capital of the former British Raj, is all about illustrious past which is reflected through its marvelous architectures, fascinating art along with declamatory literature style of the city. It is one of the oldest cultural states of India and is known as the intellectual and cultural hub of India. It is a vibrant city that will always invite you to witness the dazzling culture, artistic grandeur and the legacy of literature. Kolkata is a place of love that can easily attract anyone new to this place. You will never feel that you are away from your home town when you visit Kolkata. Kolkata is inhabited by the Bengali people who are fun-loving and all they know is football. They are fond of eating as well with the introduction of some authentic food items like the Rasgulla. It was given UNESCO badge last year owing to its authenticity rooted in the city of Kolkata. You can enjoy this city by traveling around in trams and the unique yellow taxi. It is for sure that if you ever visit Kolkata, you will surely want to visit it once again in your life. Check out our suggestions regarding Kolkata and have a superb trip!
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