Spinach Recipes

We know about your love-hate relationship with the versatile leafy vegetable “SPINACH”. Palak can be used in concocting quite a few recipes, be it curries, salads, parathas or fritters. The taste, the texture, and the vibrant color make this wonder veggie delectably appetizing. Loaded with iron, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibre this superfood is a very helpful in maintaining a healthy diet as well as weight loss. Perhaps this is why Popeye loved spinach as much as he did!Raising an eyebrow on our spinach endorsement? Wait till you check out our collection of gratifying Spinach recipes that use a conventional ingredient in eccentric ways. These spinach recipes will change your opinion about the ‘leafy green health machine’ forever. These spinach recipes if included in your diet would prove beneficial to your skin, hair and bones. Spinach is not only full of flavor, it also healthy and when added in a recipe it certainly adds a dash of drama and vibrance to the dish. Our collection of spinach recipes is crafted with a pinch of creativity and it aims at revealing a world of lip smacking delicacies. Repeat after me: Palak Paneer. Palak Curry. Palal Puri. Now brace yourself for your world is about to be rocked with some flavorsome, healthy and nutritious spinach recipes.
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