South Indian Recipes

If you love veggies and spice together than surely you will love south Indian. That dosa on the tip of your tongue can give you every taste you deserve to it. But have you tried cooking the south Indian cuisine? NO here are some recipes you can try in your home and make your meal a delicious one. Tamarind rice Heat pan with oil add peanuts roast them with urad dal and channa dal. Sauté till it gets slightly coloured then add curry leaves and whole red chillies. Mix them well then add salt, hing, chilli powder, turmeric powder mix them well. Add gurand cook it then add tamarind pulp and mix it till it gets thick gravy. Add cooked rice to it and mix them well. Ready to serve. Puliyogare Cook the rice in 5 cups of water, then set aside to cool. On the other hand heat pan with one teaspoon of oil add musard to pop then Bengal gram cook it till it gets golden add chillies, peanuts, turmarind pulp, a cup of water, turmeric powder, asafetida powder and salt, cover the pan for 5-6 minutes. Open it and cook it till it gets thick sauce then add rice. Serve after 2 hours and add half spoon of jaggery. Ready to serve. Instant rava dosa Slice all the vegetable of your choice and keep it aside. In a bowl add rava, rice flour, flour and water. Mix well, keep aside for half an hour. After half and hour add onions, green chillies, cilantro, cumin seeds, coconut pieces and salt, mix them well. Take a non - stick pan put the batter from a little height, fill the large holes with batter. Pour little oil outside the dosa once it get brown use spatula to turn the dosa and cook the other side. Ready to serve.
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