South Indian Breakfast Recipes

South Indian cuisine is known as comfort food due to its light and simple recipes. The best part is that South Indian cuisines can be prepared very fast and takes the least time to get digested. South Indian cuisine comprises of cuisines from five different states of South India: Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. When it comes to breakfast, it needs to be light and simple. Having a heavy breakfast is not at all suggested and it can even hamper your regular productivity. Most of you think that South Indian cuisine is all about dosa, idli and sambar. But, in actual it is not at all like that. South Indian cuisine comes with a wide variety of dishes that can fill up your taste buds with flavors. South Indian breakfasts are also healthy as they are made mostly from simple rice and dal. So, here is a one-stop solution for you where you can find a wide range of South Indian breakfast options. Moreover, you can make your kids fall in love with these recipes with no more nagging about breakfasts. Check out our wide variety of South Indian breakfast recipes and have a sumptuous breakfast!
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