Soup Recipes

Soup is part of our culture for a very long time. The nature and content of the soup vary with taste and preference. Apart from Indian culture, soup is part of Chinese, and many other cultures which provide nourishment and keeps you full throughout the day. Soups are an excellent choice for dinner as it offers full plate dinner in a bowl. And since it is prepared with less oil or ghee, soup can be a healthy choice if you are on diet or feeling light.The spicy notes in the Indian soup recipes give them a perfect taste. Even people from foreign lands savor these recipes. In India, we also have roadside soup vendors offering piping hot tomato soup in the chilly winter nights. Pair your soup with biscuits or fried bread crumbs.There are a variety of soups. They can be prepared with vegetables and meats of your choice. Most recipes of soup are very short and simple to make. Just add in your favorite vegetables, spices, and flavors and simmer the soup until done. You can also make your soup with noodles or pasta to give it a continental taste. Soups are low in carb and can be very nutritious if made with a slow cooker or boiling veggies. We have compiled a list of handpicked soup recipes for you all to try… Check out our blog post on variety of soups!
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