Rice Recipes

If we hear name of rice then the image of white boiled rice is come in our mind. But rice is not only of one type we have so many options to cook rice. So many recipes of rice like chilli rice, vegetable rice, fried rice, peas pulao, biryani rice and so many recipes. There are hundreds of rice recipes made regionally. There are different types of rice like basmati rice, brown rice affects the way the rice is used in recipes. If you are like my family, you eat rice all the time. It’s easy to make healthy and is delicious with almost anything. And also I want to share one cooking tip of rice with all that just because white and brown rice are available in the same varieties, i.e long grain, don’t assume they have the same cooking directions. Brown rice is cooked much longer than white rice. Rice is typically rinsed before cooking to remove excess starch. Rice may be soaked to decrease cooking time. Rice is cooked by boiling or steaming and absorb water during cooking. We have unlimited recipes of rice. We can also prepare sweet rice when we add milk and sugar with rice then we can make kheer. Rice porridge is commonly eaten as a breakfast food, and is also a traditional food for sick. In every country rice is so commonly eat. One of simple recipe I will share with you it’s so simple and delicious. First boil the basmati rice and sieve the starch. Then cut4to5onions,1capsicum,1bowl of peas,1bowl of paneer cubes, fresh beans, carrot etc. Then put one serving spoon oil in some utensil then add 1 spoon then add onions to it after sauté onions for 10 minutes then add all the vegetables and add salt to taste 1spoon of jeera,1spoon of lal mirch, half spoon kali mirch powder and then add half spoon oregano and finally add that boiled rice in it and enjoy this rice recipe with green chutney or with curd it’s so delicious and yummy.
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