Rice Flour Recipes

Rice flour also known as rice powder is a type of flour which is made from finely milled rice. Both white and brown rice is used for producing rice flour. It is a staple of Japan, South East Asia and India. Rice flour is loaded with nutrients and contains a higher level of Vitamin B. Brown rice flour contains the most amount of nutrients as the outer husk is kept intact during the process of milling. In a country like India where there is an abundant quantity of rice, rice flour is an inexpensive form of staple. It can be used in various ways for creating unique and tasty recipes at home. Rice flour can be used for making pancakes and other delicacies too. It is somewhat like wheat flour and tastes good as well. You can use rice flour for making pasta as well. It is a great option for those who are intolerant to gluten. You can use rice flour for making other delicacies such as crispies, modak which is a very common Indian sweet, chakli and many more. Check out our wide collection of rice flour recipes and enjoy the other side of rice in a different way!
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