Restarting Career After Break

It is natural to feel daunted by the thought of restarting your career after a break. Perhaps you took time off to travel, or to take care of family or yourself. Maybe you’ve been on maternity leave or have been faced with financial hurdles that require you to go back to work. Whatever the case, it’s always possible to restart your career and to be successful in it. Change is the only constant in our lives. Our priorities are personalities are always changing, and before jumping back on the career train, it’s important to sit down and think about what direction you want to be going in. What are you looking to gain from your career, and where would you like to be? What was right for you before, may not be what is right for you now. Embrace the changes in your life and forge your way confidently. Networking is an important strategy not just for professionals, but even if you’re thinking of restarting your career. You get the chance to interact with individuals in the field to boost your chances of being hired, and to keep up with any changes in your profession. Get out there and see where it takes you! Brush up on your skills and add to them as well. Gone are the days of only being able to learn in institutions. Learning is more readily available today than it has ever been. Whether it’s a crash course on some sort of software, or volunteering in a children’s home. There are many experiences out there that can grow your CV to be more appealing to employers. Have a wide range of experiences, and do not restrict yourself! Even being a wine enthusiast can help if you’re an accountant. You never know what your employer or customer may fancy! Whatever you do, believe in yourself and be willing to grow. Confidence and an open mind will ensure you remain successful in whatever you do.
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