Rajma Recipes

Rajma is a very common cereal of India which can be found in plenty of North Indian dishes. It is also known as the red kidney bean. It is eaten regularly in India as a legume. It is the source of protein and fiber. It is a great source of folic acid and carbohydrates as well. It got its name kidney bean due to its resemblance with kidney structure. The best part about rajma is that it can easily absorb flavors and thus is a great option for Indian cuisines which is always rich in flavors. It is a very common legume of North India, especially in Punjab and Rajasthan. It is a great food option for those suffering from diabetes. Rajma is so versatile in nature that it can even be consumed in boiled condition. You can mix it with other components such as chickpeas, a bit of potato and tomato for making a great evening snack. It can provide you with a tasty and healthy meal. The most common rajma dish that can be found in India is rajma chawal where rajma curry is presented with plain rice. Check out our wide variety of rajma recipes and have a great meal today!
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