Raigad Fort

Raigad Fort is situated at a height of 820 meters. The grand Raigad Fort is on the Sahyadri mountain range in Maharashtra. You need to climb up 1737 steps to reach this fort and it is accessible only via the steps. The fort is surrounded by deep valleys on all three sides that can give you a nature thrill as well. You can take a ropeway to reach the Raigad Fort. It is always suggested to go by the steps as it will allow you to enjoy the scenic beauty along with a bit of adventure. The majestic charm of this magnificent fort attracts many a travelers year after year. The Raigad Fort is a symbol of the super pride of the Marathas and it is a mark of their audacity and bravery. The Raigad Fort not only functions as a tourist place but it is also a sacred pilgrimage spot which still holds the imprints of the vision of Hindavi Swarajya. Most of the fort is in ruins now and you can still enjoy the great historical significance of this grand fort. Check out our suggestions regarding the Raigad Fort and have a great weekend getaway!
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