Ragi Recipes

Are you a cooking enthusiast? Then you must have heard about Ragi or millet a wonder grain, that is popularly consumed in southern & western states of India like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat etc. This grain is widely known as wonder grain due to its rich nutritious qualities that comes with a delightful taste. Some of the most amazing Ragi recipes that you can add on your dining table dish are Dosa, Idli, Malt, Ladoo, Halwa, Roti, Kheer and a lot more than you must have never thought of. Surprised? Don’t be, all of this can be made with Ragi and that too finger licking good. It’s not just delicious but also contains proteins, iron, calcium and other nutritious elements that can help women, kids and elderly people fight several medical conditions. Also, if you are bored with your daily menu and want to add on some twist to it along with good health benefits, Ragi is the best option. So, take out your pen or paper or whatever other methods you want to use to save these amazing recipes and try them on in tomorrow’s breakfast menu. Because food is all about experimenting with ingredients and creating something that brings us together on a table to share love through delicious food. Are you ready to explore?
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