Radish Recipes

Radish is a very common vegetable which is used in Indian recipes. It is filled with health benefits and comes with a great amount of nutritional components. It is a crunchy and zingy type of vegetable that goes well with curries and salads as well. Many of the salads are even incomplete without radish. Owing to its crunchy texture and moisture-rich taste, it is a great option for the summer days. It can help your body to stay hydrated and also helps in keeping up with a good heart. It also helps in blood circulation. You can have it raw as well with a bit of salt. Radish is a very versatile vegetable. You can pickle them, have them raw, sauté them, have them with curries and also grill them. It is full of flavor. Some of you might not love the smell of it but once it is cooked in a proper way, it can do wonders. You can have them with sandwiches, tacos and even pasta. Obviously, you need to julienne them for having with pasta and sandwich. Check out our wide variety of radish recipes and create something new today with the most common vegetable of all time.
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