Power Of Meditation

The power of meditation is one of the easiest way to release the stress. When we surrender, we allow the universe to work its magic. Meditation is a natural human activity. If we daily do meditation in the morning, it produces best results on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our body. Meditation is a process of breathing. Breath in and breath out will help you naturally expand your consciousness. Daily practice of meditation gives immediate results. Meditation increases your sense of well-being and brings increased joy. At certain stage in this breathing process you feel so relaxed through the practice of meditation. When the body is completely relaxed the five senses become stilled and the mind becomes deeply focused. Meditation has strength our immune system and help regulate many of the body systems. During meditation blood pressure and metabolism rates decrease and circulation and detoxification of the blood increase. Meditation is a spiritual art and pathway of god. Basically meditation is a technique to know our inner voice and mental peace. If we meditate by silencing our mind and witnessing our inner peace starting with a few minute daily to half an hour a day and then increase to one hour or more by each passing day and there will be a powerful awakening of pure consciousness to know yourself. There is nothing wrong with awakening your inner powers because everyone has them. Meditation ideally makes us calm and cool and builds inner patience and acceptance. Let meditation in peaceful state of mind. The power of meditation is you feel normal in bad times and also normal in high success times with fulfilment in you and not getting excited and sad in any situations.
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