Paratha Recipes

The ultimate comfort food, every household all over India makes parathas regularly. Every household also has their own special way of making these wonderfully delicate flatbreads. Parathas can be had stuffed with almost anything you can imagine, layered with glorious fats such as butter, ghee, or malai, and they can be accompanied by a multitude of pickles, side dishes, yogurts and drinks such as lassi or a hot cup of tea that compliment them perfectly! That feeling of biting into a buttery soft piece of paratha with a bit of mango pickle inside and gulping the rest down with a steaming sip of masala chai should have a name for itself. It feels like a loving and warm embrace passed down through centuries! Parathas are one of the oldest dishes around, and it’s clear to see why. If something is already so perfect, why change it or get rid of it at all? Popular stuffing for parathas includes potatoes, cauliflower, paneer, keema, and much more. Parathas can even be enjoyed plain, by rolling out layers of butter, ghee, or malai to make them crunchy on the outside yet wonderfully soft inside. A healthy and colourful way of consuming parathas is to knead their dough with pastes made of vegetables such as spinach, beetroots, and carrots to create green, pink and orange parathas that taste delicious, and are bound to excite fussy children! There are many ways of making these bad boys, and it seems as though every way has been proven delicious.
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