Mushroom Recipes

The greatest thing about mushrooms is not only that they’re at free, rich in vitamin D, and fibre, but also how incredibly delicious they are! Packed with flavour, and unbelievably versatile, mushrooms have found their way into every single cuisine. With mushrooms at hand, you can easily prepare any cuisine you like, be it Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Continental, or anything else you can think of. There are some vegetables that cannot be cooked using certain methods, but not mushrooms! Every method of cooking is guaranteed to bring forward a flavourful dish. Even prepared simply sautéed with some butter and garlic, you have an amazingly delightful dish on hand. The culinary world has been very keen on the taste of umami recently. Translated from Japanese, it means “pleasant savoury taste”. Mushrooms are one of the few vegetables that are considered to have a natural umami taste. They enrich dishes that they are added to and can heartily be prepared on their own. Put them in pastas, on top of pizzas, in a soup, or in a curry. Stir fry them if you’re looking for something healthy or marinate and bake them for a different experience. They make gravies so delicious, and if you’re feeling brave, sauté them and try them in a sandwich with some cheese and onions. The possibilities are endless. So, grab a punnet and get cooking
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