Millet Recipes

Millets are grains which are gluten-free and great for health. They are becoming increasingly popular with the new generation and have become something of a fad. And quite deservingly so, since they are loaded with starch and protein and are a delight to prepare and consume.There are dozens of ways to cook millets and most of the time, they are easy to make and can be great as comfort foods. They are stuffed with nutrients that fight diseases as well.The health benefits of millets are numerous. It combats coronary diseases and other chronic illnesses. It helps maintain your sugar level with its rich store of magnesium while improving digestion and detoxifying your blood.There are a lot of varieties of millets found in India. You can have Sorghum, Foxtail millets, finger millets (ragi), pearl millets (bajra), Kodo millets, etc. Millets also have a great texture that sets them apart from other grains. You can use millets pretty much in the same ways that you use to make other grain-based dishes. There are just some small alterations that you can read all about further below. Just buy some millets from your nearest grocery store and get cooking, it will amaze you for sure. It can be your cozy comfort in this rainy season.There's a form of millet for everyone. They are wonderfully versatile. You can have it boiled or baked or stir-fried or as flakes too. There is something for everyone. You can also utilize it to make porridge to feed babies.For many of you, millets may be a thing from your past. Something that you ate in your childhood when times was simpler. In the Indian household, millets are more prevalent than most other countries. If it is something nostalgic, or something new with a twist, read ahead for you.Here I have shared some of my all-time favourite millet recipes you all:
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