Methi Recipes

When we hear the name of methi, the first that that pops in our mind is aloo methi. The fragrance and slight bitterness of methi leaves is the reason that makes it so delicious. Methi leaves are bitter and can get more bitter when cooked. The tip in this recipe to take care of that bitterness in it is to sprinkle salt over chopped methi leaves and let it rest for 15 minutes. Then methi leaves are squeezed to get all the salty water out of it which take some of its bitterness too. Then add it to the bioled potatoes along with the turmeric, ginger and chillies and blend it well to get a fantastic side dish of aloo methi. We can make so many delicious dishes from methi, some of recipes are: Methi Poori Collect one bowl of makki ka atta, one and a half cup of wheat flour and 2 bowls of chopped methi mix well then add salt to taste, half teaspoon ajwain, chilli flakes, little bit turmeric and make a dough of poori and leave this dough for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes make pooris and enjoy them with green chutney, curd and pickle. Many people are fond of methi because of its many health benefits. Methi Paneer and more versions of mdethi Methi paneer recipe is one of the best dish that can be made from methi. Methi bhaji recipe is simple, healthy and yet tasty. This recipe is spicy and has tasty Punjabi curry with fresh methi leaves. Methi missi roti is a traditional north Indian flat bread made with whole wheat flour, methi leaves and spices. Methi pakora is spiced fresh methi leaves with gram flour. Relish your taste buds with some Methi from now!
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