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Whenever we hear about any company and want to acquire any information related to that company then the first thing we do is check their website. The website displays the vision, mission, company structure, its domains, success stories, and the contact details. These are just the basics of the website, it can be much more than this. In this tech savvy era, with the extreme benefits of the website, the need for web developers is also increasing. And it seems a whole set of rocket science involved with the learning of web development, but the software is quite easy and interesting. Let's begin with the Learn HTML – It’s the basic and foundation of the course. HTML is the essential language of the web. Design a Website - Understand the basics of CSS to add beautiful styling to your webpages. Enhance your learning by Skilling yourself with JavaScript - Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript: syntax, variables, conditionals, and functions. Learn JsvsScript techniques including arrays, looping, and objects. Expand your expertise in designing - Learn CSS techniques for more interesting sites: display & positioning, colors, typography, responsive design, and flexbox. Create Interactive JavaScript Websites - Learn the Document Object Model, the interface between JavaScript and HTML elements, and combine HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into exciting interactive sites! Acquire the knowledge of jQuery - Learn the basics of jQuery, a JavaScript library that allows you to easily add dynamic behaviour to static web pages. Learn more techniques to extend your JavaScript knowledge including reusable classes, splitting code into modules, and making HTTP requests. Discover the power of this simple yet essential text-based tool and increase your productivity as a developer. Learn to save and manage different versions of your code projects with this essential tool. Building Front-end Applications with React - Learn to build dynamic and powerful web apps using React.js, a component-based front-end framework. JavaScript Back-End Development - Learn how to create back-end servers and APIs in JavaScript using the popular Express.js framework. SQL and Databases for Web Development Master the fundamentals of Test-Driven Development to create reliable full stack JavaScript web applications. This lot of software is essential to be a Web Developer. Be a Web Developer!
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