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Spoken by over 100 million people, in about 22 countries across the world, Urdu is a very popular language. Being in India, chances are you can understand and somehow speak Urdu with ease already. But is it worth learning? Absolutely! Urdu is one of the two Hindustani languages. The other being Hindi. They share a lot in common, but while Hindi is more influenced by Sanskrit, Urdu takes inspiration from Persian and Arabic. It is written in a mesmerizing Persian script, and is the top choice for many poets in the subcontinent. Urdu is not just considered a language; it’s considered a way of life. Learning the delicacies of the language, from the script to more of its vocabulary, can open a world of possibilities for you. Ghazals and poetry can be enjoyed with a deeper understanding, and ancient texts can be studied in depth. Urdu is a very polite language, and speaking it puts you in a position of coming across as very refined and respectful. In a world of political tension, languages are the tools common people can use to break barriers. Learning Urdu can provide you with a chance to connect with our Pakistani neighbours and spread the joy and love that comes out of understanding one another. So, learn Urdu and make the world a better place!
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