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Being a successful stock trader requires a lot of practice, patience, and a sharp mind. Players at the top of the game have spent years perfecting their methods of trading, to provide themselves with optimal chances of investing correctly. Although a risky field, dealing in the stock market still requires a lot of knowledge and technique, and cannot be left solely to luck (even though being lucky will take you a long way!) If you would like to hone your skills to join the stock market, it is important to learn about it first. Read up on it through online resources such as specialised websites, get books about trading, take a class on trading or finance, follow the news- not just about the stock market but about the economy and society as a whole, and see if you can get a mentor in the market who is willing to share some insights with you. There are a lot of videos and free courses available online that can get you started on your journey through the stock market.
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