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You probably already know that “HOLA” means “Hi”. If yes, then congratulations because you know the basics of how to greet someone in Spanish. Before sharing the ways of learning Spanish, let’s tell you the secret mantra of learning this language. The mantra is that Forget all other languages and try to speak Spanish from the day one itself. There’s no other way out except speaking the language rather than just mugging up. There is absolutely no rocket science involved in learning the language, all you need to do is make it a regular practice and you will gain the highest level of fluency in speaking it. Now to learn the language effectively get into a full – time diploma course which will help you to speak, write and real the language at a very high level. To have a broader understanding of the language, one should study about Spanish Literature, the language’s history, culture and history of country where it is spoken. Following all this, you will be able to learn it completely and thoroughly. If not full time, then you can also go for a 3 – month certificate course for the language which will make you learn about the language but you have to keep continuing with the practice sessions, even after the completion of the course. So now when you have learnt the language, it’s a good idea to pack your bags and take a tour to Spain! Happy Vacations!
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