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Sanskrit, also known as the mother of all languages is an ancient and classical language of India and is part of the school curriculum as well. Sanskrit is the language in which most ancient documents and Vedas have been written. It is still used as the religious and ceremonial language for hymn and vedas during prayers. Sanskrit has mostly been written with the devanagari alphabet. The word ‘Sanskrit’ stands for sacred, refined and sanctified. During ancient times, Sanskrit was not considered a language but a refined or perfected sacred tongue. Mantras chanted in sanskrit language are made with a combination of sound vibrations which have a specific effect on the mind and psyche when recited. Therefore, the language is considered very rich in itself. Over the years a lot of scholars have contributed to sanskrit literature. Through this article, you will get to learn Sanskrit from basic and go up to construction of simple sentences confidence as you proceed further. We will guide you through the ways in which you learn and practice it daily by taking out some time from your busy schedule. You will learn to pronounce sanskrit letters and words perfectly, Read and write small sentences and paragraphs and understand their meaning.
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