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If you want to build a user interface, then, React Javascript is a big YES. YES. This is one of the most popular user interfaces developed by Facebook in the year 2011 and is highly preferred by employers. So, if your resume says that you have a good knowledge of this React Javascript library then you are definitely “Hired”. If you have a good command over this javascript you can create many exciting pages like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon etc. These big brands are designed to React js framework. That's one of the reasons why it’s a huge opportunity for web developers. React js is evolving rapidly as to keep up with competitors and be relevant in the future, which is why, as a developer, it becomes somewhat challenging, as well as, interesting for developers to stay updated with evolving React javascript interface. Due to the high popularity of React JS framework, many organisations are opting for it to design their front-end application and that leads to a lot of new job opportunities for the developers. So, if your long term career path is being a developer and creating some really great UI programmes then, React js is a great learning skill loaded with opportunities.
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