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Learning a vernacular language can really serve as an added skill. And that too when it already has over 120 million native speakers, the value of it rises both in your personal and professional life. Punjabi is a language that is spoken over a wide region in the northern and the north-western part of India. The dialect is simple to master, the phonetics are straight-forward and most of the letters and numbers closely resemble the symbols of Hindi. Being fluent in Punjabi can help you to form valuable connections in the business world, really settle in the northern half of India and explore the rich culture that exists there. This language can truly open the gates of a friendly community to you.So, whatever be your reason for learning a new language, Punjabi must top your list. You can easily pick up its linguistic skills as opposed to languages like Marathi or Tamil that have completely different pronunciations. Go through this blog to learn more about Punjabi, on why this is still a favoured language and what all you must do to sharpen your fluency. An all-you-need-to-know read about the dialect and its benefits to your personal life. Learn Punjabi, reignite your creativity and place one more ability in your rich bag of skills.
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