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If we put this in simple words, jQuery is a JavaScript user interface, a language that every computer, mobile phone and other technical devices understand. There are thousands of JavaScript available for the developers but jQuery makes it easy for developers to create a very user-friendly interactive webpage. In other words, manipulation of DOM (Document Object Model). So, in order to get started, what’s necessary is to know that you are experienced with JavaScript, HTML and CSS programming concepts to make jQuery easier for you. Since the era is all about software and applications that are compatible and premier to several devices, skilled developers with a strong grasp over various JavaScript languages is always preferred in this competitive IT industry. If you are a budding web developer, jQuery can be a very friendly script to start with as it is easier, proficient and compatible. This framework is highly popular and used by some of the world’s biggest companies like Google, Microsoft, Netflix and IBM. Knowledge of jQuery also simplifies many other complicated things under JavaScript like CSS manipulation, HTML event methods, Effects & animations, AJAX and other utilities. In developers world this JavaScript library is popularly known for its lightweight & lean functions, cross-browser compatibility, faster loading, SEO- friendly approach and simplicity, i.e. “write less, and do more.”
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