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French is a language of love, literature and all those fascinating, one-of-a-kind sounds that will engage you in real conversations. This is the beauty of the language which has made it the official language of 29 countries throughout the world and is the second most widely spoken language in European language. Before starting with your French lessons, remember that this language requires plenty of dedication, motivation, and helpful learning tools. So now here is your guidance plan which will help you in learning the language efficiently. Make your routine time table by scheduling the periods for French lessons and mentioning the timeline that how and by when will you be able to understand it completely. You will only be able to learn the language if only you devote your scheduled time truly for it. Try to keep aside everything that comes your way in between the French lessons. Start with sounds – The foundation of the language purely depends upon its sounds. Therefore, open your ears wide open and listen and grasp the tone in which the words are pronounced. Initially, begin with the practice to hear, pronounce and spell the French words, After the proceed with memorizing the words and their meanings. Once you are done with this step, then it will be easier for you to write the language. The standard French contains 13 oral vowels and up to 4 nasal vowels but it only has 5 different letters for all these sounds. This fact might amaze you but this is what you have to learn whole-heartedly. Now, start enchanting the sounds until the tongue hurts! Happy learning!
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