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“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” As important it is to be good academically as is to be good physically and mentally and what is better than learning to play some games for the same. There are numerous games available today. However, the one game that remains a favorite even today is the game of Chess. It is believed that Chess is derived from the Indian game Chaturanga’. It is being played since time immemorial not just because it is a game, but because it has the power to enhance memory, concentration, imagination, creativity and critical thinking skills. The game has many health benefits too like - exercising both sides of the brain, raising IQ, increasing problem solving skills, reading skills etc.,It is a strategy making game between two players. The twists and rules of the game are bound to keep the players hooked. Have no idea how it is played, do not worry this article will provide you a step by step guide of how the game is played, what are its rules and how to have an upper hand over your opponent. Understand the game and challenge your friends for a round or two.
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