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With the digital age stronger than its ever been, and entertainment being a huge part of our society, animation is like a language that everybody understands. It does not need words to be understood and communicated effectively. Learning animation is only getting easier and cheaper. It’s best done as a collaborative effort, hence it’s a good tool to build global harmony with. Have you ever sat through the credits after an animated movie, or even a movie that involves a lot of CGI like any of the Marvel films? The list of contributors is incredibly long, and a lot of those names are Indian! Animation is changing the way we present and communicate. Presentations given through animation are more likely to have an impact than a PowerPoint slide on its own. It can also be a handy for tool for people who are not very good with words to express themselves and other ideas and concepts. Academic writing can be intimidating, but if concepts can be clearly communicated through animation, it opens learning to a lot of people! If you have a naturally artistic side, animation can help you express yourself in a very fulfilling manner.
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