Lauki Recipes

Lauki is called bottle gourd in English and it is one of the healthiest vegetables that you can have on a regular basis. It comes loaded with beneficial nutrients and is low in calories. It helps in regulating blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, improving liver function, alleviating skin issues and losing weight. Nevertheless, the bland flavor of this vegetable makes it unpopular among adults and kids. As a mom, if you have long been trying to feed your kids with this healthy vegetable, it is time for you to try out some delicious lauki recipes. These are recipes that will help you and your family enjoys good food and proper health. Every individual, starting from 4 to 94, will definitely love the recipes provided you make them properly.Just a bit of creativity and you will end up serving your family with lip-smacking preparations. Lauki Bharta is an exclusive recipe. It is perfect to be served for regular meals along with raita and phulka. For the ones with a strong taste for desserts, have your hands on lauki kheer and lauki halwa. These are healthy dessert recipes where grated bottle gourd is served in the form of a creamy and sweet pudding. Best of all is lauki sabzi that can even be packed for lunch. It is made using different spices. If not dinner and lunch recipes, you have the option of trying out lauki juice during morning breakfasts. How cool is that? Even your guests will love it with some extra ingredients. So, go to the list of recipes and see which one is most appealing!!
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