Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Karnala is situated 60kms from South Mumbai. It is somewhat on the Mumbai-Goa highway. Karnala is well-known for the huge bird sanctuary that might turn out to be a paradise for you if you are a bird lover. The sanctuary today is home to about 147 species of birds along with 37 different species of migratory birds. Paradise fly, magpie robin and golden backed woodpecker are the most common of all. If you love hiking, you will surely love this place as it is the favorite spot for all the professional mountain climbers. The best time to visit the Karnala Bird Sanctuary is between October and April. However, if you just want to enjoy the greenery, you can visit this place in the monsoons as well. The place is filled with huge rocks that can give you some sort of Jungle Book vibes. It has been a major weekend attraction for kids, families and trekkers. You can also find small shelters in between for taking rest during your walk. The droning sound of the insects can actually hypnotize you and make you fall in love with this place. Check out our suggestions regarding this place and enjoy travelling!
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