Indian Recipes

For many travellers, India is one of the great travel destinations and each traveller has his own reasons for travelling to this country. But one of the reasons that remain common for everyone is the country’s FOOD. Indian food is admired for its mouth-watering curries, unique flavoured spices and amazingly paired ingredients. Each state has different food habits and a unique cooking style with its distinct flavours. The north is known for tandoori and korma dishes, the South is famous for savory crispy pancakes (dosa), the East specialises in chilli curries and the West uses coconut and sea food. And if you want all these incredible tastes at one place, then central India is a blend of all. Some of the ingredients that remains common for all dishes and adds to the spicy flavour of the dish are cayenne, green bell pepper, coriander and garam masala. Apart from the main-course the place has a lot of delicious sweets like gulab- jamun, kulfi falooda, carrot halwa and yummy drinks like assi and chaach. The people of the country are the big foodies and keep on churning something or the other into their mouths, from the crispy and spicy pani-puri to the chaat-papdi dishes, the Indian recipes relish your taste buds and makes you actually crave for it.
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