Ganga Sagar

Sab Teerath Baar Baar, Ganga Sagar Ek Baar - this is an old adage in India which means you can visit all other pilgrimages several times but you can visit Ganga Sagar just once and attain complete salvation. Thousands of Hindu followers from different regions of India take up the strenuous journey to this sacred island situated on the coast on West Bengal. This place is thronged by visitors during Makar Sankranti in the month of January when people gather near the coast to take a dip in the Ganges right at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the holy Ganga. Lit lies at a distance of 135 kilometers from the capital city of Bengal, Kolkata. As per Hindu beliefs, Ganga Sagar is considered the third most significant pilgrim after Kumbh and Maha Kumbh.Ganga Sagar is a highly appealing destination that speaks of the spiritual and tranquil environment at its exotic beach. The Kapil Muni Temple is one of the greatest attractions of this place. The pilgrims visiting the island pay a visit to this temple after taking a dip in the Ganga. The Ganga Sagar Fair or Mela is also one of the prime reasons behind the popularity of this place. It is a grand religious event held in the month of January. It is during this time that the isolated island gets a lease of life with thousands of ascetic yogis, devotees, religious camps and ashramas.Located very close to the Sunderbans, this place welcomes travellers with the beauty and the allure of its pristine beach. If you have a passion for adventure, then it is a must-visit destination for you. Read on to know more about Ganga Sagar Fair.
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