Fish Recipes

India has no dearth of coastal water bodies which means absolutely no dearth of delicious sea food. You can find several fish varieties like Salmon, Basa, Tuna, Hilsa and King Fish. If the very thought of this fish variety makes your mouth water then you should definitely try some fish recipes. Every fish delicacy in India is exclusive in its very own sense. Nevertheless, it needs to be prepared properly without any chances of overcooking. This is when you can get right to the peak of complete satisfaction that you expect to derive from a fish recipe. The able cooks turn fish recipes into boundless sources of great delight. This goes true for all the fish dishes found in India.Varied cooking techniques work when it comes to preparing fish recipes. If you are in the look out of a more nourishing affair, go for curries made using herbs and spices like curry leaves, black pepper, red chillies, fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, mustard seeds, bay leaves and the like. Recipes that incorporate the use of kokum, coconut milk, tomatoes and tamarind are also considered highly scrumptious and delectable. These are flavor enhancers that work wonders for any fish recipe. Fleshy chunks artfully doused in rich gravy with a whole selection of spices can easily please the pickiest of eaters. Not to mention the magical aroma of these curries. It is not just the selection of recipes that will baffle you but even the diversity in the fish cooking styles. Let’s check the recipes.
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