Divar Island

As you know, our country is filled with some hidden unique tourist spots, the Divar Island is a place that belongs to that group. It is a small island which is situated on the Mandovi River in Goa. It is the home of some fascinating cultures and people. The history of Divar Island dates backs to the time when it was the home to a massive Hindu population in Goa. With Portuguese invasions, the residents fled to other parts of Goa and left behind some beautiful ruins of monuments and temples. The island is filled with religious significances. The most ideal time for visiting Divar Island is during three of the major festivals that take place across the island. The two most famous festivals are Potekar and Bonderam. If you love off-track travelling and want to see more than just the shacks and beaches of Goa, Divar Island might be the ideal destination for you. The only way to reach this beautiful island is by ferry from Old Goa. With greenery all around, this island is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Check out our suggestions about this island and travel around the most unique places.
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