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When people hear the term veg, the expression on their face is remarkable Most of you think that vegetarian cuisine is bland and is not exciting. Well, the actual scenario is not like that. However, finding out some wholesome and tasty vegetarian dishes is not an easy task when you are out for eating dinner at a restaurant. But, you can enjoy the goodness and richness of vegetarian cuisine when you make it at home. Vegetarian recipes are rich in nutrients and can give you the same kind of enjoyment that you get from non-veg foods. And, when it comes to India, you can get a wide array of vegetarian dishes for your dinner. When it comes to Indians, what they understand by comfort food is dal-chawal along with some vegetables on the side. Bingo! You just found out a wholesome vegetarian dish for your dinner. It might look boring but the flavors that you can get from it are mind-blowing. Indian vegetarian recipes vary according to the season like when it is summer time, you can notice gourd recipes on the dinner table. And, when it is monsoon, you can see green leafy vegetable recipes on the table. Check out our wide collection of vegetarian dinner recipes and enjoy eating!
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