Chocolate Recipes

As you put that soft sponge loathed with chocolate cream in your mouth, the way its flavour melts in your mouth, there's a feeling of intense pleasure that awakens your soul. That is the magic of a chocolate cake. We've all had our cheat days were we would stuff on this guilty pleasure enjoying each and every bite because it feels just so right! It is a delight for the people with sweet tooth. There are many bakeries with an amazing variety of chocolate cakes from the simple ones to the truffles, double layered and even triple layered chocolate cakes. With flavours ranging from light chocolate to dark pure chocolates, there is a wide range of variety available of it. There are many places with very delicious, mouth-watering cakes especially in North Delhi university campus which is full of such bakeries like Mr.Crust. This place has almost all the kinds of cake you can think of! One of the most amazing place would be The Dessert studio with cakes tasting like you've reached heaven. Talking of delicious chocolate cakes, how does one judge that a cake is going to be a treat or a disaster? Before even putting it in your mouth you can judge whether the cake is worth putting in your mouth and worth your money. Looks are deceptive, don't let them blind you. A cake may look like it'll be delicious but it can turn out to be total disaster. Go for the smell of the cake, take a deep smell of the cake and if you can almost feel the cocoa in your mouth then it is a good one. One of the biggest quality of a good cake is the correct proportion of moisture and spongeness. The bread tells you the story. If the bread of the cake is taken in correct proportion, then you're in for a treat! With these few pointers in mind you are all set to hunt for that one delicious chocolate cake that will quench your soul's thirst.
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