Chicken Recipes

Chicken is not just a word, it is an emotion for non-veg lovers across countries. Don’t you get excited whenever you get to know that you are having chicken for the dinner or when any of your office colleagues or school mates tells you that they have got chicken biryani for lunch. I am sure that while reading this, you are now already craving for it! That’s the magic of chicken. Delhi is known for almost all the fun and ecstasies which serves you the delight. Now let us share some of the places that serves you the best type of chicken to fulfil your cravings! Are you more of a mughlai chicken fan or western chicken admirer? Because western ways of cooking chicken has no special place, you can try it anywhere you want. But If you want to eat the best mughlai chicken than you should really try it from the chicken shops near Jama Masjid based in old Delhi. The restaurants like Mohammed Hussain, Abdul Ghani Qureshi Kabab, Aslam Chicken and many more like these, will serve you the best non-veg that you will ever have in your life! The curries of korma, Biryani, shami kababs and lots of other mouth - watering things will leave you asking for more. There are some amazingly good and easiest recipes that you can try at home and satisfy you cravings. The all - time favourite in the chicken family is the Butter chicken and Chicken Biryani.
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