Chicken Gravy Recipes

Aah, chicken! Who doesn’t love chicken right? In fact, when it comes to Indian cuisine, it is incomplete with a chicken recipe, be it a party or a festival. Chicken comes with the unique property of absorbing flavors so quickly that it can take your dish to a whole new level. When it comes to curry, it forms an integral part of any Indian meal. India is rich in culture and the wide diversities gave birth to tons of curry recipes. Chicken and curry punched together do not seem something less than a love story. You can make your guests lick their fingers with some of the best and the most unique style of chicken curry recipes. Chicken curry exists everywhere, be it North Indian cuisine or South Indian cuisine. The only difference lies in the style of cooking. Chicken curry is a very versatile dish. It can mingle with anything like plain rice, ghee rice, jeera rice, biriyani, roti, paratha, naan etc. As soon as you take a bite of chicken along with the gravy, you can enjoy a burst of flavors on your tastebuds. Check out our wide variety of chicken curry recipe and enjoy!
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