Career In Psychology

Have you ever thought of knowing a person with intense depth that make you understand his thinking patterns, behaviour, feelings, listening capabilities, speaking power and their perception about thigs in the world? You will be amazed to know that we have a skilled set of people whom we call as Psychologists, who have mastered the skill of understanding the human – behaviour patterns. There are psychologists who are running their clinics and dealing with the patients, while some are doing their research on nuances of psychological behaviour. Psychology field also offers specialisation in child psychology, clinical psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, industrial psychology, neuro psychology, school psychology, social psychology, sports psychology, social work and counselling. To begin with your career in psychology, one must pursue the Bachelor degree in psychology, which will provide him/her the basic knowledge of the subject. After completing the bachelors in psychology, one is able to crack the entry level positions such as a psychiatric technician or rehabilitation specialist. Further to the Bachelor’s degree, one can opt for Masters which will open wide range of career opportunities and will offer roles like research and clinical assistant. Psychologists Conduct psychological assessments of patients in order to diagnose clinical condition Conduct clinical interviews with patients in order to learn their history Create treatment plans for patients, monitor their progress and success, and adjust treatment as needed Create behaviour modification programs for patients Teach patients coping strategies to help them overcome problems Develop psychology education programs Conduct psychological research and reporting on findings Prepare technical reports and presentations Ensure that patient records are accurate and complete Keep abreast of current knowledge and trends by participating in continuing education courses and reading industry journals Psychology is an ocean of emotions which can be only understood if you can entirely put yourself in the other person’s shoe. Choose the profession wisely!
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