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It is said that our eyes are the best camera that captures the scene in a way that no other device can. But unfortunately, we cannot keep those memories for lifetime unless we have pinned them down somewhere. You will be amazed to see such passionate people around who travel miles and click photographs of the places they visit. Each picture they click, describes a story, an emotion, a feeling and in incredibly beautiful. People all over the word have started choosing photography as a profession and earning pretty well. There are some who do it as a hobby while some enrol themselves for certificate or diploma courses from affiliated institutes. The photography schools equip you with following benefits – Better understanding of art, its history and development. Refine your natural skills and teaches you about camera angles and shots Enhanced understanding of lighting and composition techniques The photography lessons familiarises you with your camera. To get a better understanding of it you can watch online tutorials and then begin with the projects i.e start clicking the pictures and create a strong port – folio if yours. You must have heard the famous proverb that practice makes a man perfect, therefore practice, practice and a lot more of practice to achieve the excellence level. And once you have mastered this art, then all you need is to expand your network, show your work and get the projects. Happy Clicking!
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