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Music is something of which everyone is fond of everyone loves to listens it. every person has different types of interest some prefer old music and some prefer the new hiphop songs it varies according to one’s taste. If one is thinking about having a career in it then first they must decide in which field they want to go. You got that right music also has its different field. Composer/Song writer Ever heard a song and found its lyrics to be appreciable you know whose hands are involve in this, YES right composer of the song writes the lyrics which the singer sings. Composer synchronize each and every word to each other so that the rhythm could come. So if a persn id=s good at writing lyrics he can opt this as his career. DJ for clubs Are you into throwing the dope set of music and beat, then you can take this as your career. Deep knowledge of danceable tunes is a must have for this field because people will dance on your beats and rhythm. You should be good with digital technologies for this field. Singer singer is the most famous field of all one can set his career as singer if he has good sound or can sing well. Before it they should practice a lot on their vocals and on their pitch because while singing everything matters. Music festival and concert organizer An astonishing efforts goes while handling any concerts. Booking the talent, ordering equipments, marketing the concert, providing security. This is also a profitable field for music lovers.
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