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Gone are those days when humanities was not seen as a very good career option and students had to struggle more after 12th. Now-a-days,there are numerous options available for students soon after completing their school. Humanities students have their knowledge and skills in subjects like English, Political Science,History,Economics Geography. Humanities, being a diverse field allows students to pursue careers in a variety of fields such as law, journalism, marketing and designing etc. Now we can see students gaining maximum marks in the stream and the CBSE toppers from the past three years are from the same stream. Humanities offers a wide range of subjects such as Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Social work and Philosophy. Earlier students who opted for humanities were not considered that ambitious. But from past few years we have seen people understanding how humanities holds equal importance as that of science and commerce. The stream humanities and the subjects included in the field have a more personal touch. These subjects make an individual help gain his individuality and also help them realise the daily realities. Subjects like literature, philosophy and political science brings a person closer to oneself and the society. So go ahead and choose what works best for you!
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