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A globally required skill, economics seems to be the most diverse field in terms of hiring. An economics graduate can find a job in every sector, and almost every field out there! Your prospects are limitless. Accountancy, consultancy, business management, international development, human resources, IT, journalism, research, law, public relations, the list goes on and on. Economists also make brilliant politicians and leaders! Every sphere of society has an economy that needs understanding, management, and improvement. From households, to governments, to the world at large. We are part of numerous economies in our daily lives. You are not restricted to anything when it comes to economics. By working on your skills of adaptability, communication, and analysing, your degree in economics can open a world of possibilities for you. Highly sought after by reputable organisations such as the UN, IMF, the World Bank, economic graduates make up a significant population of NGO employees as well. Entrepreneurship is a filed that is rapidly growing, and the skills you gain from economics are perfectly placed in this field, paired with innovation and hard work. It is safe to say that a career in economics can take you anywhere you would like to be!
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