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There is a famous saying, “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative’’ by David Ogilvy. Students are increasingly choosing advertising as their career and pursuing diploma courses in advertising to learn about its creative components like copywriting, art direction and business careers in advertising media buying, planning and sales. This is happening because students are understanding the importance of this profession also the fascinating packages which the companies are offering to the advertising students. Advertising is something which is required by all types of businesses, from small scale to large scale, for the kind of products or services which they are offering. Advertising involves the creation of a full – fledged ad campaign which requires the work of creative talent, designing and copywriting. When going for advertising, prepare yourself for scratching for good in each product that client offers and design an advertisement keeping in mind the USP of the product. The ad campaign can float on various mediums like print, electronic and digital. Print advertisements require strong pictures with bold texts, electronic advertisements require an influencing 1 – minute commercial and digital advertisement can a combination of both of these. Infact digital advertisements provides you options of chat sessions and yiu are able to get the feedback of the ad campaign instantly. Make the product advertised worldwide!
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